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Associated with Sujata Mastani since its inception, the challenge was to start from scratch and establish Sujata Mastani as the premier Mastani shop in Pune and create an identity for the brand.


With a result oriented approach, a total brand overhaul was done keeping in mind the patronage the brand had in City Area. With meticulous planning and execution over a period of about 25 years, we managed to create a reputed Mastani brand in Pune, which had a humble beginning as a small ice cream shop. The main idea was to reflect the product's quality through the communication and create brand recall.


All the branding, communication and design activities undertaken for Sujata Mastani improved brand awareness, was warmly received by customers and immediately achieved franchise enquires making it one of the most crucial successes in the EDGE arsenal.

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Digital Marketing

The first step of going digital was developing Sujata Mastani’s website which was made with an FMCG look and feel. The now iconic orange colour associated with the brand was used for the website achieving brand standardization.
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Social Media

A social media page was created and received more than 20000 likes. Various hashtags were used which also contributed to a significant rise in likes as well as outlet footfalls. With effective social media engagement we successfully amplified the reach and visibility of the brand.
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Visual communication

Brand standardization was achieved because of the extensive use of orange colour in the visual communication, thus improving brand awareness and recall. The various types of visual communication done for Sujata Mastani included Text posts, Image based posts, Facebook cover pictures, Food Photography, Typography based visual posts Brand related posts and Link sharing.
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