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At Edge Createch we provide holistic media, branding, advertising and communication solutions. We call it the 360 degree approach. With a plethora of services under our umbrella, we call ourselves as a one stop shop.

Background Understanding & Research

In order to help you achieve organizational goals, it is important for us to understand your company and industry. Having said this, our team of planners and researchers strive to connect with you and develop a mindset similar to yours. When such kind of thinking becomes our thought process, we are able to come up with concepts that will enable you to win.

Brand Guidelines

After developing the strategy, we form a set of rules and guidelines that define the brand and lay down the parameters for using its visual elements for maintaining consistency in communication. Well defined brand guidelines enable the company to not only establish itself in the market space but improve visibility, customer connect and build varied as well as positive customer experiences.

Brand Architecture

In this phase we develop a holistic process of building your brand in an organized structure. It is again a key part of the execution process. The purpose of this activity is to maximize value and improve clarity in communication. It is basically the blueprint as to how your brand will grow and evolve over the time to come.

Competition Analysis

To create campaigns that will grab you get your TG's mindshare, it is very critical to study, analyze and understand your market competitors. It is important to know how they communicate and what they communicate. Once we have an insight into the same, it becomes clear as to how your brand should communicate to cut through the competition.

Copy & Content

Words make all the difference. Having said this, any kind of collateral or communication material is defined by the words it contain. The content or copy is one thing that convinces the buyer to actually take action on the entire communication. The words should convince and convince the consumer of the communication to make the final purchase. It is said that a good copy is like a good salesman hence the content should always be sale worthy. At Edge, we are proud to have a team of witty and intelligent copywriters who craft the message of your communication with a vision of maximizing its efficiency in generating new leads.

Content Management Systems

We provided highly sophisticated and advanced content management systems so that you're your team can independently make changes to your website whenever needed. In this way, you need not be dependent on us to make changes in times of urgency. We also provide a built-in analytics tool in order to give you information with regards to website hits, time the user spent on page, call for action etc.


While creating any communication material, design is at the crux of establishing a brand and creating an impactful message. While creating any visual based content a team of visualizers, designers and planners team up to create a masterpiece where in the brand gets positioned and also develops a visual appeal. Whether it is the traditional print media or the hi-tech digital mediums we have a design capability that covers the entire design landscape.

Digital Media

The internet has opened newer doors and created a new market as well. From social media marketing to search engine optimization and from internet advertising to e-commerce, digital media is the new mantra of brand communication. We at Edge provide end to end digital media solutions for brands to leverage the power of the internet.


It is said that most of the buying process happens online and that's why e-commerce today has become an integral part of online selling. We provide customized e-commerce platform development solutions that will help you explore a new market free from geographical barriers. The internet has made the impossible possible and now it's your turn to leverage its benefits.

Internet Advertising

Banner ads, google ad words and paid promotions on social media websites all cover the spectrum of internet advertising. We are proud to have a team of digital marketers who specialize in online advertising and digital media buying. And of course, we specialize in developing the apt content as well. This service of ours can enable your brand to be noticed on the internet in the most effective manner.


Once the message or communication is ready, it needs to reach the target audience. To ensure its effective reach, the team of media planners and buyers at Edge use their expert analytical skills to select the appropriate medium based on figures and statistics.

Mobile Application

At Edge we understand the importance of mobility for any organization and thus have a team of android and iOS developers who have the skill and technical expertise to build applications. A mobile application is always handy and takes communication to an altogether new level. And we have the right infrastructure to make your app successful.

Our Design Expertise

Newspaper & Magazine Ad's, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Publications, Invitation & Greeting Cards, Direct Mailers, Social Media Design (Cover Pictures & Posts), Website Templates, E-Mailers, Coffee Table Book, Signage, Panels, Hoardings, Corporate Stationery (Business Cards, Letterheads, Receipt Books etc.), Packaging Design etc.

Positioning & Branding

After conducting preliminary studies and research activities, we apply or proven methodology to develop a positioning strategy which is of course at par with your goals and objectives. After mutual consideration of the same, we gear up to go into the execution mode.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want your website to rank first in search results then search engine optimization (SEO) is the key. SEO involves finding out the correct keywords apt for your business, integrating them with the code of your website as well as using them in your social media communication. If done wisely, you will be able to grab the digital space and reach the first rank.

Social Media Marketing

Social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube etc. have gained immense popularity. The youth especially are logged on 24X7. This is a real benefit that you can take advantage of. Not only is this form of marketing impactful, but it is also engaging and entertaining. Our social media services involve content creation, media buying, hosting and analytics.

Strategy Workshop

We at Edge have developed a unique methodology wherein we get a deep understanding of your business, objectives, ideas & goals. Once we do this, our team works together to develop a comprehensive strategy that covers the areas of branding, web, design and marketing. This strategy works as a road map & details all the activities over the next few months to meet your objectives. After approval of the strategy, Edge provides you a plan that covers timelines and milestones of deliverables.

The Media Expertise

While buying media space, the product and audience is thoroughly studied. Based on that the appropriate media is selected and planning is done accordingly. Media planning is a tool that works towards maximizing the reach and effectiveness of the communication.

The Media Spectrum

When it comes to planning & buying, we have a 360 degree approach. We buy and plan for almost all mediums Print Media ( Newspapers, Magazines, Publications) | Audio Visual (Radio & Television) Digital (Social Media, Portals, Internet Radio, Internet TV) | Outdoor (Hoardings etc.)

Visual Identity

This is the phase where we actually start walking the path we envisioned for you. It involves developing the visual aspects of the brand i.e. logo, typography, color, materials, graphics and imagery. A well-defined visual identity establishes a brand, creates awareness and promotes stakeholders attachment / association with the organization. Not to mention, it establishes the company's ability to innovate and differentiate itself.

Website Design & Development

The digital age has eliminated all kinds of communication barriers. Having said this, a website and mobile application has become a must have for brands. We at Edge have a full-fledged in-house team of coders, developers and UI designers who have the vision to make brands techno savvy. Having said the above, we offer end to end website design, development and maintenance solutions for PC as well as smart gadgets i.e. responsive websites for smart phones & tablets.