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CSR Case Study

In most cases the outcome of an emotional outburst gone seriously awry, acid-attack victims in the Indian context remain perpetually in the fringes of society with severely limited emotional and physical contacts. A combination of physical pain brought about by the attack, medical necessities and alienation brought about by the society’s apathetic attitudes towards the victim, results in an otherwise healthy individual turning into a recluse. With time, the physical scars heal to an extent. What remains and festers, are deep mental scars brought about by the alienation.

Efforts towards integrating acid-attack victims into the mainstream remains an on-going activity. One such initiative came about due to the concerns expressed by PN Gadgil of Sangli. A formidable name in Gold & Jewellers, they trace their roots as far back as 1832. Their concern was endorsed by the Maharashtra State Commission for Women and the Honorable Chief Minister’s Office.

The initiative saw an entire sales campaign, being centered on acid-attack victims with the latter endorsing the products on their person. The underlying theme of this campaign which came out strongly was that irrespective of one’s physical attributes and stature, PN Gadgil of Sangli’s products would make one look appealing on any occasion.

Social Campaign

Edge Createch’s contribution to this novel initiative included a short film on the topic, outdoor hoardings and promotion on social media platforms. These were adjudged a success given that the initiative found support in unexpected quarters being the smaller Tier II and III cities and District centers which as a general rule do not actively address such issues. In the more developed urban centers of Pune and Mumbai, the campaign was greatly appreciated.

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