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PNG is a reputed brand which has its roots in Sangli since 1832. The most crucial of rebranding such a reputed brand is to maintain its legacy and the image created in the already existing patronage but at the same time making the brand contemporary so that it resonates with today's crowd. Having a strong foothold in central Maharashtra, the brand also wanted to capture an audience in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and also address southern Maharashtra.


A total rebranding exercise was done with PNG. A new identity was devised for the brand which achieved a dual purpose; making it relevant to the current generation (youth) and at the same time not alienating the already existing patronage and a legacy of 185 years.


The rebranding proved to be a successful venture achieving its intention of defining and altering a new brand ethos but at the same time not creating a backlash.

Digital Marketing

Various online posts and designs were very well received by the patrons.
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Social Media

Colourful posts on social media did justice to the beautiful and intricate jewellery designs and ensured visibility for offers and discounts.
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Visual communication

The visual communication done for this rebranding exercise was vibrant posts and functional merchandizing which proved to be engaging and usefull.
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