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National Film Archive of India is a distinguished organization in Pune which has a goodwill shared by very few organizations like the Film Institute. Its primary offering of film restoration and archiving is complemented by unique and engaging events that it conducts all round the year. The main challenge for NFAI was to increase its patronage to and make accessible its activities to common people.


NFAI is a very reputed name and represents India on a global level in the stream of films. The brand communication had to be done effectively to impress a worldwide TG.


Effective and engaging brand communication was done across multimedia to ensure that NFAI’s unique offerings reach out to everybody. This led to a significant rise in the number of attendees and overall brand awareness.

Visual communication

All design collaterals and visual communication done for events in the NFAI and otherwise aesthetically pleasing and achieved its aim of creating brand awareness amongst patrons.
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