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FTII Campaign

India produces the largest number of movies in the world. In large measures this achievement comes about due to an institution called the “Film and Television Institute of India”, FTII in short which came about in the year 1960 when the Government of India took over the erstwhile Prabhat Studio. One of the finest film & TV training institute in the world, its alumni be they actors, cinematographers, technicians or sound engineers have excelled in their chosen fields and brought international acclaim for themselves and the country.

Like all good things, Art too has its own critics, and this extends to institutes. FTII despite all the fame and accolades is no exception. Its “high-brow inapproachability” made it seem very distant to the general public. The controversial clashes some time back between students and the institute’s administration added to the perception of their being inflexible.

Wanting to set right this impression while inviting all sections of the society to see the process of film-making, the institute came up with the idea of celebrating the “FTII Fest” on its Foundation Day, where during the event the general public could walk into the institute without any preconditions and see for themselves the art called making movies.

Edge Createch was given the charge of marketing this event. Given the prevailing perceptions, a strategy was formulated at Edge Createch to try and make the entire exercise an interactive one between students and visitors so that the latter got to know the institute better and its contribution to the world of cinema.
The students on their part were expected to understand the visitor’s view points as potential viewers and film goers and align their expectation accordingly.
Social Media was put to good use in promoting the event. In-campus branding using colorful engaging graphics at prominent touch-points helped greatly in creating the right ambience.
Attractive merchandises like bags, T-shirts and mementos also helped increase participation.

FTII Campus

Edge Createch’s efforts brought a measure of success with more than 5,000 people attending the event over that weekend. Visitors seemed to have appreciated the efforts going into movie making. Interactions with students and faculty made the visitors admire the former’s passion towards the profession. The myth of “high-brow in-approachability” too seemed to have been busted.

FTII Alumni Shabana Azami
FTII Alumni Naseeruddin Shah
FTII Alumni VK Murthy