Crafting ideas and building brands that truly matter…

We are an end to end Marketing and Communication solutions agency, with our own studios and equipment for sound recording, film editing, photo-shoots and designing all under one roof. An experience of almost three decades of catering to SMEs, Multinationals or Government Agencies; means we have seen and dealt with practically everything that goes in the name of creative marketing.

We build a character for a brand from the outset to create an imagery, to exude the core message that is unleashed via optimum marketing. From the extreme contrasts to the subtle shades of emotions, everything inspires us. We are a branding, digital and advertising agency. We believe in leaving an impression that does all the talking.

Harnessing the power of the youth and their exuberance to create has given EDGE an edge.

The habit of young, restless creative, backed by experienced and reliable ones to always exceed client’s expectations.
We believe in creating that gap where absence makes its presence felt.

Our strategy ensures that a well-crafted message is delivered to the right audience in the most engaging ways. We have been a leading creative powerhouse for almost three decades with an illustrious legacy of successful campaigns and brand building activities. From conceptualizing and executing communication strategies our holster is always loaded with blazing guns aiming for glory.

Join us and see how we can take you on a high!